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*All Center for Health Justice volunteers must provide proof of tuberculosis screening yearly.

Required *


My work at Center for Health Justice (CHJ) is on a volunteer basis, and I understand that in the course of my work for CHJ, I may learn certain facts about individuals being served by CHJ that are of a highly personal and confidential nature. Examples of such information are: medical condition and treatment, finances, living arrangements, employment, sexual orientation, and relations with family members. I may also learn facts about an individual's incarceration, alcohol, and drug history, and in accordance with federal law this information must be kept confidential. I fully understand that all such information must be treated as solely confidential. I agree not to disclose any information of a personal and confidential nature to any person not also affiliated with CHJ and authorized by CHJ to have such information. I further agree to keep confidential all information I may learn about CHJ volunteers, paid staff, or individuals who make donations to CHJ. 


Center For Health Justice (CHJ) is committed to providing a volunteer environment that is free from sexual harassment. In addressing HIV-related health challenges and life events, CHJ deals with sex and sexuality. The Agency's mission includes improving the lives of people affected by HIV, reducing the incidence of HIV infection, and advocating for fair and effective HIV policy. CHJ deals openly with subject matter that would not be discussed at most places of business. All members of the CHJ Community, including volunteers, staff, consultants, partners, and the CHJ Board of Directors are protected from sexual harassment by CHJ employees and other volunteers while engaged in CHJ business or activity.

Sexual Harassment includes Quid Pro Quo sexual harassment and Hostile Environment sexual harassment. Quid Pro Quo sexual harassment includes: unwelcome sexual advances; requests for sexual favors; and other verbal, physical or visual conduct of a sexual nature. Hostile Environment sexual harassment includes: unwelcome sexual advances; requests for sexual favors; and other verbal, physical or visual conduct of a sexual nature and can occur through:

1.    Verbal Conduct. Includes, but is not limited to: epithets, comments or slurs about an individual's body or dress; demeaning questions about his or her sexual activity; dirty jokes; and persistent requests for dates or to have sex.

2.    Physical Conduct. Includes, but is not limited to: assault; impeding or blocking movement or any physical interference with normal work or movement; unwanted touching, hugging, rubbing against an individual's body, and fondling.

3.    Visual Conduct. Includes, but is not limited to: use of hostile and offensive posters, cartoons, and magazines; and holding office parties with nude dancers.

4.    Other Conduct. Repeatedly giving an individual unwanted flowers, gifts, notes, or letters: following the individual home or otherwise indicating an interest in the individual after he or she has indicated disinterest.

CHJ's policy applies to any registered volunteer who is representing CHJ, whether on agency premises or at another venue. For incidents in which the harasser is a volunteer with CHJ, appropriate remedial action to be taken by CHJ may include, but is not limited to: termination of the harasser, relocation of the harasser, change of the harasser's work schedule, conditioning continued service by the volunteer on his or her attendance at trainings(s) on sexual harassment. Any volunteer who believes there has been a violation of the Sexual Harassment Policy has the right and the responsibility to report the perceived violation and/or the basis as soon as possible to their volunteer supervisor or CHJ's Executive Director in a confidential manner. Each complaint will be fully investigated and reported back in a timely manner.


Volunteers must provide documentation of Tuberculosis (TB) screening to Center for Health Justice (CHJ) once per year if tested by the tuberculin skin test, or once every two years if tested by a chest X-Ray. This documentation is a requirement of CHJ service contract agreements. CHJ will provide an annual TB screening for its volunteers at no cost. LA County public health nurses or volunteer registered nurses will conduct testing. They will provide pre- and post-test counseling, conduct the tests, and handle the results in a manner that ensures sensitivity and confidentiality. CHJ volunteers will be expected to provide documentation of the results to CHJ. A skin test showing an induration (i.e., a lumpy swelling beneath the skin, also known as a positive reaction) will require a follow- up chest X-Ray. The volunteer must incur the cost of the chest X-Ray. If volunteers have tested positive for TB in the past, they are required to obtain a chest X-Ray to screen for TB. These volunteers must obtain a chest X-Ray every two years to be in compliance with the CHJ Tuberculosis Screening Policy. The results must be provided to the volunteer's CHJ supervisor within four weeks of the screening. CHJ volunteers are expected to attend the screening sessions provided by CHJ, or receive the screening elsewhere within four weeks of the designated screening dates. Volunteer Resources will provide alternate low cost site information or volunteers may see their personal physician to obtain the screening. Failure to provide documentation of results within four weeks of the final testing date may result in suspension of the CHJ volunteer until documentation is provided. Group Volunteers, Community Service Volunteers (Court Ordered), and Volunteers that only serve one day or less per week will not be required to adhere to this policy. In the event that a CHJ volunteer is found to have active TB infection, they may be required to stop volunteering for a period of time if they are infectious, usually two to three weeks.

*If you need assistance obtaining a free or low-cost TB test near you, click here: Public Health Centers Offering TB Testing and Treatment Services